When you fall in love with a woman, be sure to tell her loudly. It's very reserved, and it's easy to feel insecure. If you love her, tell her. It doesn't matter how many times you say it. "I love you" three words, girls are never tired of listening. When you don't love her, don't want her. A man can try not to hurt, rather put the fault on himself, don't say it's because he doesn't love. Women's hearts are very easy to get hurt and not easy to recover. Don't think that the old husband and wife, don't sweet talk and. Women are little women after all. No woman can resist a gentle man. Men have self-esteem, women also have, do not mind that sometimes women in order to have a little heart in between, it is for you, so you are better than others. When she goes shopping, no matter how tired you are, how much you don't want to see her try on a suit of clothes, and don't have any impatience, because women's nature is to go shopping, and shopping with their loved ones is to reflect your moment. Although your task is to spend on labor and wealth, you should think it's worth seeing women's looks flying 。 A woman has so many days every month. A light person has a bad temper. A heavy one is like a serious illness. Women are born to be looked after. Those days are more, so gentle with her, after the benefits are definitely men.